At Alluvium, we believe the value of data is not measured in volume or velocity, but knowledge and action. Alluvium puts machine intelligence at the frontline of businesses in the foundational industries of the global economy. Our products enable these businesses to leverage all of the complex data generated by their operations; provide real-time decision and operational support; and, blend user interaction and feedback to capture human expertise and build institutional knowledge.

At the core of our products is a sophisticated machine learning architecture that ingests and analyzes a wide variety of data from these operations — with a particular focus on streaming machine-generated data sources. In addition, at the core of our company is a deeply held belief that our products provide optimal value when they work alongside and behind our users, rather than requiring constant attention or interaction.

Alluvium is currently seeking Streaming Data Engineers to join our team, and work directly with our world class engineers and data scientists to design and implement intelligent software for solving real world data problems for our customers. Alluvium is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that building, and retaining, a diverse team is central to our success. As a company, Alluvium is committed to hiring candidates from a broad range of professional – and life – experiences who can contribute to building both high-value products for our customers, and a company culture we cherish. 

We are a tight knit and highly collaborative team where everyone is expected to participate in end-to-end project ownership. Our Streaming Data Engineers work on a wide variety of projects: from designing and implementing reliable distributed stream processing systems; to spending time on-site listening and learning from customers unique requirements and workflows.

Who you are

  • Excited about making sense of noisy streaming data from physical systems, and the many unique engineering challenges that it brings

  • Considered in your approach to designing and implementing complex software

  • Clear communicator of technical details to the team, as well as  non-technical users

  • Eager to deploy, test, and observe your software in the wild to ensure it meets the user's unique demands

How we work

  • Put people first, because we strive for human impact in everything we do

  • Stop and listen, because listening is where learning begins

  • Welcome evolution, because the best way to do something may always be changing

  • Seek the firsthand, because getting it right often takes getting real dirt on your hands

  • Lead with humility, because to succeed you must be conscious of your own ignorance

How we do not work

  • In isolation, because we have a well developed process of fluid communication

  • On a single track of work, because building our company is as important as building our products

  • At all hours, because we have families, and we cherish our time with them

  • In the office everyday, because we believe people do their best work on their own terms

If you are interested in joining our small team in Brooklyn, NY with competitive salary, early-stage equity packages, and full health benefits, please fill out the form below.

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